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About Us


Lokket was founded in 2011 with the desire to remove technology adoption barriers for businesses. Lokket does this by putting Wi-Fi and smartphones at the centre of delivering personalised and contextualised experiences to their consumers.


We've served many clients from small projects to very large undertakings. Using Wi-Fi and smartphones to provide a whole new suite of products and services that debunks the myth that only big business, with big dollars and big resources can make leverage the technology to create value in what is a win / win scenario for them and their consumers.


Lokket shows businesses how to make money from Wi-Fi and take advantage of smartphones in a ways that enriches their business, helps them create value in their lives and deliver their fantastic products and service to people who can benefit from it.

Key Principles

Strive to solve real business

Inspire through genuine
insight based on reality.

Deliver genuine payoff for the business
and their customers.

Life At Lokket