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The UNHCR says internet access is a human right. Millions of people right here are home lack access to basic broadband and we're aiming to change that.
Equitable access brings enormous benefits to communities big or small. WiFi To The Rescue is our initiative to help local communities and leaders find sustainable ways for delivering internet to the most disadvantaged in our communities.


WiFi to the Rescue Vallecitos School District.

At Vallecitos School the motto is dream, learn, achieve and we all know how important a great education is. With many school kids lacking access to reliable always on Internet at home, learning is much harder. Together with the school and local community we are now delivering Free WiFi San Diego right to students homes as well as community hubs.

Catalina Island
Free WiFi over 28 miles of Pacific Ocean

Catalina Island needed better Internet access for residents, local business and visitors so we designed a solution that delivered Gigabit WiFi to the island over 35 miles of Pacific Ocean.Visit Catalina Island and check out the awesome WiFi.

Our Lady's School
WiFi Upgrade.

At Free WiFi San Diego we believe the Internet has the power to change lives so we are working with underserved schools to upgrade their WiFi at no cost to the school as well as connecting students homes. We're proud to have recently successfully upgraded Our Lady's School WiFi.

West Central Community Center 'Coming Soon' with Free WiFi Spokane

The West Central Community Center serves the West Central, Emerson-Garfield and Audubon/Down River neighborhoods of Spokane providing childcare, health and nutrition services, a medical clinic, programs for developmentally disabled adults and recreation activities for youth and adults

Do you need WiFi To The Rescue?

If you're in need of some WiFi To The Rescue, please submit a request form with your details and one of friendly staff will reach out to you.

Other Great Work.

San Diego Park Foundation

Lokket works with the San Diego Parks Foundation to deliver innovative programs and WiFi to 28 Teen Centers and surrounding park facilities. Working with the Foundation we are constantly developing innovative ways to engage with teens.

Emergency Covid Housing

Working with the City Attorney’s Office and the Alpha Project, Lokket was able to provided Internet access to ensure our most vulnerable community members were protected in emergency Covid-19 homeless housing facility.

Alpha Project

The mission of the Alpha Project is to empower individuals, families, and communities by providing work, recovery and support services to people who are motivated to change their lives and achieve self-sufficiency


Northeast Youth Center (NEYC) now with Free WiFi Spokane.

NEYC is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Spokane Parks & Recreation Department and is an educational and recreational program for children ages 2½ - 12.

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Are you an aspiring world changer, entrepreneur or community builder? If you are, we'd love to hear from you as we're looking for people just like you to help us drive change.