Hello, we're Lokket.
We're using technology to bring life changing services to people worldwide.


It's worth it.

What we do isn't easy, often costly, hard to access and time consuming. However the results and the true potential it brings people speaks for itself..
We believe that universal, secure, fair access to high-speed internet and clean energy is critical to the health, safety and prosperity of communities.
A connected community will help support the local economy by connecting residents and guests with local businesses as well as support education and improvement projects. Find out more.


Vallecitos School District now with Free WiFi San Diego.

At Vallecitos School the motto is dream, learn, achieve and we all know how important a great education is. With many school kids lacking access to reliable always on Internet at home, learning is much harder. Together with the school and local community we are now delivering Free WiFi San Diego right to students homes as well as community hubs

Catalina Island
Free WiFi over 35 miles of Pacific Ocean

Catalina Island needed better Internet access for residents, local business and visitors so we designed a solution that delivered Gigabit WiFi to the island over 35 miles of Pacific Ocean.Visit Catalina Island and check out the awesome WiFi.

How we support you.

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Community Free WiFi

Spreading the WiFi love one neighborhood at a time. It’s our mission to bring Free WiFi access to as many communities as we can. Find out more.

Clean Energy

We're working on renewable energy solutions to help bring clean energy to much needed communities.

Internet you can trust.

Speed, flexibility, no contract, no bundles just awesome access that doesn't track you or sell your data for clicks. Find out more.

Support #BuyLocal

You get to support your local community which means more money stays local to improve local services, the environment and social initiatives.

Clients & Technology

We don't sell your data.


We're not creepy. It's simple, your browsing history is your business.


We love, Rumie
check them out.

Lokket works with like minded organizations to help spread digital inclusion any way we can. Rumie is a non-profit that makes access to free digital education possible for underserved communities worldwide.
Rumie's LearnCloud is powered by a growing community of people who want to reinvent modern education by working together. If you can Google, you can help. Participate from wherever you are – coffee shops, living rooms, even group hackathons – to find, rate, and collaboratively organize the best of the Internet’s free learning content. Find out more.

We Support Privacy &
Net Neutrality

We love Internet, we love your privacy and do all we can to protect it. We don't keep track of your browsing, we don't track your device. We don't prioritize content and we don't have download limits.

Our Privacy Policy and our
Net Neutrality Statement



For every $100 spent at a local small business, around $68 stays in town. The $68 flows into local salaries, employs local folks, provides local resources, social and environmental improvement.*