as a service.

LOKKET delivers performance based end to end
customer engagement services,
that drive revenue impacting transactions
across all channels.


A consumer engagement service that removes technology & knowledge barriers.

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Consumer Technology

Consumer tech rapidly evolves. From Augmented Reality to gamification and personalized journeys we can help you navigate.

Audience Network

Utilise our network acquirers and merchant channels to supercharge your customer acquisition and loyalty strategy.

Location Based

Our experts in push notifications, sms, beacons, WiFi, digital signage and creative will help you stand out from competitors

Mobile & Web

Wallets, apps and web, real-time data creates an opportunity to understand customer wants, so you can build long-term loyalty.


Build experiences and automated journeys proven to engage customers and drive transactions.

Guest WiFi

Seamlessly integrate powerful SDKs and APIs to reach audiences when it matters most to you.

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An audience, channel and partner
network that delivers.

7.2bn offers
a year
170m outbound requests a month
3000 API requests
a second.

Make every touchpoint
a sweet one.

  • Mobile Channels

    Our smartphones are uniquely personal devices, we check them hundreds of times a day. This provides brands and incredible opportunity to create deep customer connections. Deliver targeted engagement when it matters most — using channels such as push notifications, in-app messaging, sms, and digital signage.

  • Email & Web

    Allow us to demonstrate how using a wealth of insight can turbocharge your email and web marketing. Build immersive campaigns that span both mobile and traditional digital channels — incorporating email and web into a unified engagement strategy.

  • Location & Proximity

    Marketing automation based on insights that is combined with location and time sensitivity awareness if the stuff of marketing dreams. Build location and time sensitive audience engagement campaigns for where and when in matters most for epic results.

  • Digital Signage

    Customised digital signage starting with passive digital signage, all the way to an advanced interactive multi-touch application can make incredible impact in engaging consumers in your location. Chat to us about wayfinding all the way to video walls.

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Engagement that looks less 'vanilla' and more you.

Technology applied with purpose delivers extraordinary results, right place, right time, right format.

We know WiFi.

More than 60,000 routers in over 100 countries.

Our customers have deployed over 60,000 Wi-Fi routers in more than 100 countries for WiFi based engagement, from gamification to e-commerce, authenticating billions of Wi-Fi sessions.



Engage customers with competitions, incentivise feedback and entertain them with marketing that supports your goals.

What's trending?


Listening to your audience is very important..

Listening to your audience and applying marketing automation utilising live and historical trend data, combined with location and content awareness can lead to increased engagement and form closer bonds with your audience. Utilising all the channels at our disposal we can demonstrate how the right message at the right time has meaningful value.


Our values are

To be trusted, to be brilliant and to create cool tech.

Intelligent targeting.


Uncover deep, rich user segments of your customers, defined by demographics, user preferences and online and offline behavior. Create context-aware campaigns with personalized messaging to drive key user actions.


Some amazing companies we've had the pleasure to work, build and play with.