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Our mission.


To be trusted to connect you to the Internet, local businesses and your community, while rewarding and keeping you safe. And to have some fun.


Taking up the fight, for equitable access to opportunity, meet our C.E.O.

As an original kid of the Internet's start-up scene, I ran a Bulletin Board Service (BBS) in middle school. All my friends and I did was chat about the girls in school and how we were going to hack the Pentagon, which quickly turned into spending too much time on the original Social Network, Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Fast track a few years and grey hairs, and I've been blessed to be part of the building and working on some incredible networks across the world, connecting continents under the sea, over deserts, and even from outer space.

My old school internet roots are firmly planted in the Internet's transformative capability. As such, I've spent my more recent life crafting technology and business architecture to take on the most significant challenge the Internet faces, equitable access. And I don't mean not just in developing nations, but right here at home in the U.S and Australia. Even here in the wealthiest countries on earth, we still have millions of people without equitable access to the opportunities the Internet can provide, so I'm making it my life's work to change that.

I won't sleep well until I do, join me and let's get this party started

Executive Team.

David LaDuke
Non-Executive Director

A serial entrepreneur, David is a co-founder of Lokket, Inc. and former CEO and founder of Sputnik. He co-founded and led the marketing team at Linuxcare and has held executive marketing positions at Apple and NeXT Computer. David has an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Businessm MFA and BA from Columbia University.

Kathy Giori
Non-Executive Director

Kathy is a big proponent of open source software and hardware and known in those communities. Kathy holds a senior product role at Mozilla, was VP Operations at and successfully drove upstream Linux development at Qualcomm Atheros, Kathy holds a MEE, Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Yiorgos Kaloudis
Co-founder & CEO

George is a successful entrepreneur a co-founder of Lokket, Inc. and specialises in technology commercialization. George has a deep passion for Open Source, IoT and FinTech. George has previously worked for Microsoft, Asia Global Crossing, Asia Netcom, TPG Telecomm and large projects for global IT/T brands.

Neil Bortnak
Chief Architect

Neil has over 25 years of experience leading technical roles specialising in cloud services and IoT. Neil is an expert in embedded systems development, distributed systems as well as infrastructure. Neil is also cyber security expert, specialising in penetration testing, regulatory compliance and ISO27001/PCI-DSS Compliance

Erik Santiago

Erik is a pioneer in delivering Internet services to the boating community. Originally having established successful provider West Coast WiFi prior to merging with Lokket, Erik has extensive experience in the design, installation and support of services. Erik is passionate about privacy and advocating for an Open Internet. Erik is a Lokket SVP and in charge of strategic business development.

John Barton
Business Development

John has a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix and is a powerful advocate for the benefits science and technology can provide human kind. John leads our strategic business development ground force and is meticulous in making sure we deliver what we say.

Murray McInnes

Murray is a seasoned finance professional with a wealth of experience acting as CFO and Independent Director on boards of family and private companies across a multitude of industries. Murray is an expert in analytics and strategic planning for high capacity value creation.

John Martin
Non-Executive Director

John is an experienced private and public company director. John has extensive knowledge in commercialising disruptive technology and developing strong company structures and company cultures. John is also a corporate lawyer and has worked around the work advising large global enterprises.

Tia Christine
Creative Design

Tia specialises in creative design, video and social media marketing. Tia is currently studying Business and has a passion for travel and volunteering in needy communities all over the world.

We Support Privacy &
Net Neutrality

We love Internet, we love your privacy and do all we can to protect it. We don't keep track of your browsing, we don't track your device. We don't prioritize content and we don't have download limits.

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Are you an aspiring world changer, entrepreneur or community builder? If you are, we'd love to hear from you as we're looking for people just like you to help us drive change.