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Beacons, Eddystone, BLE - What's it all about then?

Beacons are essential to any retailer or brand when it comes to driving sales, increasing coupon redemption rates and growing consumer loyalty.

Juniper research predicts that by 2020 1.6 billion coupons will be delivered every year via beacon technology

Beacon technology is clearly growing massively in popularity which is why retailers and brands should consider them as a key component when it comes to increasing engagement levels.

What is a beacon and how do they work?
A beacon is a low-cost technology which utilises Low Energy Bluetooth as the underlying communication; therefore, allowing mobile apps, running on both Android and iOS, to listen to signals from beacons and respond accordingly by delivering relevant content and messages to smartphone or tablet users based on location. They are small and can be easily set up on a wall or a countertop.

How can you use them?
Beacons can work hand in hand with your iOS or Android mobile app, enabling you to send personalised and targeted push notifications to drive footfall into store or restaurants and incentivise purchasing to ultimately increase the loyalty of your customers towards your brand.

In order to truly take advantage of the power of beacons and what they can bring to your business, a digital promotions offering is essential. This will allow for a seamless personalised experience for mobile and tablet customers, delivering them the right message at the right time, along with a convenient coupon redemption capability, giving you the opportunity to track consumer data, to further enhance the consumer experience.

Benefits of beacons
The ability to connect beacons with shopping cart technology will allow you to collect valuable consumer data, target consumers with personalised content and grow loyalty.

The use of beacons can present the opportunity for a consumer to receive a coupon when approaching a product in-store to incentivise the purchase of that item. Alternatively, a consumer could be presented with a coupon when they walk into a restaurant offering a free bottle of prosecco if your data indicates it is their birthday.

The possibilities with beacons are endless and major retailers and brands are taking advantage of them when in use with a digital promotions platform.