The Internet access
you have always
dreamt about.

With none of the stuff you don't want.

We really mean, dreamt about.

This is what you can look forward to with Lokket WiFi.

Zoom Zoom

Fast Internet access, up to 100 Mbps access.


Built in malware protection.

Will Travel

Use at any Lokket WiFi powered Marina.

Real Humans

Knowledgeable support from real people.


We'll show up on time, when we say.

Global Roaming

You can take us with you when you move.


Take us with you,
your service works at any Lokket WiFi powered marina or destination.

Next time you're away from home ask your destination port if they have Lokket WiFi for boaters and if they do, you'll be able to connect just like at your home port. If they don't, refer them to us and if they sign up we will give you 12 months Free Lokket WiFi.

We don't sell your data.


We're not creepy. It's simple, your browsing history is your business.

Key Features.

  • App
  • App
  • App
  • App
Zoom Zoom

Fast wireless Internet access of up to 100 Mbps service. All you need is one of our receivers and you're all set.

No Caps.

No usage cap, stream all you like. Run your office from your boat (lucky you) or play all the games your heart desires.

We don't track.

We don't track your usage to sell ads.

Chances to WIN big.

Join our loyalty and rewards program to get great deals and win great prizes.

Support #BuyLocal

Local businesses and service providers work with us to provide you the best services possible.


Seriously, your privacy matters. It really does.


Cut the cord.

All the shows, sports and movies you love are already on the Internet. All you need is Lokket WiFi to stream it all with.

Featured Destinations

Great places to visit where you can connect, earn and redeem loyalty points.

Sunroad Resort Marina

Visit the website.

Located on Harbor Island in north San Diego Bay, Sunroad Resort Marina & Yacht Center is an exclusive safe harbor for boaters and their families.

Catalina Island (coming soon)

Visit thei website.

Catalina offers something for everyone and is a favorite destination of many boaters for day trips and weekends.

Supporting boaters and the boating community.

'Community' means we are part of a group that values the same things we do and work towards achieving them; safe Interwebing, privacy, not having our data sold, bought, traded like it's not ours.