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Drive mobile engagement with business intelligence that is contextual, personal and relevant to your individual customers.

Deploy mobile solutions for promotions, gifting, loyalty and retargeting that encourage transaction growth with powerful insights. Start mobile interactions effortlessly and grow the level of sophistication and automation based on your needs.

Promotion and offer management.

Promote provides toolset to create, build and manage digital messages, across multi-channels in real time.

Promote enables the creation of digital messages with the ability to define complex business rules, generate unique single use codes in unlimited different formats, which are then validated and redeemed securely in real-time at the Point of Sale (POS).

Real-time visibility that can be delivered in real-time to external systems, such as CRM, to enable the detailed analysis of consumer behaviour and real time marketing automation.


  • PoS Basket Analysis and Validation
  • Full business rules engine enabling campaign structuring
  • Push notifications
  • Integrate with Social Media & Wi-Fi
  • Send via SMS, Email, Web or in App
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    Loyalty and staff incentive schemes.

    Lokket supports and enables the digitisation of loyalty schemes – whether it be a simple stamp card, tiered points collection scheme, staff incentive or any other of the multiple scheme types – Lokket delivers the platform to build and manage your loyalty proposition whether plastic or digital.


  • Digital stamp cards with defined rewards
  • Complex points based, multi-tier loyalty schemes
  • Trigger rewards, cashback and gift vouchers in real-time
  • Build staff incentive schemes

  • Intelligent targeting.

    Applying big data

    Access deep rich user segments of your customers, tailored by demographics, user preferences and online and offline behaviour. Create highly contextualised campaigns with personalised messaging to drive key user actions.


    Multiple channels.

    When it matters

    Drive engagement and build relationships with your users by effectively reach out and connecting at crucial stages in their journey and retain your high value users.

    Target users across a range of channel options, then define the best channel of each and every user in real time. Retarget based on contextualised and personalised content and the moment of truth.

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    Gaming and marketing come together.

    Gamify your multi channel messaging for incredible results and build experiences that resonate and feel good.

    Play game here.

    Location based marketing.

    Contextual, relevant and timely location based triggers to engage with your consumers.


    Example Apps

    Eagle Eye Air Whitelabel App solution are already in circulation. Here are just some examples of the Whitelabel App in various sectors, including hospitality and leisure. You will notice that we have three different home screens available, these include stacked, tiled and 1-2-1.

    Green Card App

    Try here.

    Earn rewards on food and drink during major sporting fixtures on TV.Available at selected UK Pubs & Venues.

    One Stop

    Try here.

    One Stop is a retail convenience business with over 700 shops. Our key focus is being the best in neighbourhood it's customers.


    eGifts, Mobile Gift Vouchers & Customer Care.

    Create, configure and manage gift and goodwill programmes that can be distributed through any channel. Enhance customer relations by offering support staff the ability of issuing eGifts as goodwill gestures in real time.


  • Integrate with Social Media.
  • Real time validation and reporting.
  • Improve loyalty with automated expiry reminders.
  • Integrate with Proximity Marketing

  • View powerful insights & reporting via your own dashboard.


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