We support
Net Neutrality

We deliver an Open Internet service.

At Lokket we believe in a open and fair Internet. We strive to deliver you the best service we can and that means we are dedicated to;

We do not throttle specific content, applications or services.

We do not collect or review the contents of data packets that transit through our network.

We do not cap the amount of data you can use.

We do not prioritize any content, application or service.

We do not block access to any legal content, application or service.

Our network management practices do not discriminate against any data, application or service.

If you're connecting to free, common area WiFi provided by Lokket, we do filter adult content to protect sensitive users such as minors from inappropriate content.

Our Privacy Policy provides further information you should review.

We don't sell your data for ads.


We're not creepy. It's simple, your browsing history is your business.