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Wi-Fi Engagement Platform.

Wi-Fi is not just for cafes any more & Wi-Fi is a genuine retail engagement platform that needs genuine experts to help you monetise. It's not about Social Login, Heatmaps, Likes and static splash pages anymore. With Lokket access an entirely new Wi-Fi engine that makes your investment, work and really pay.

Powerful push notifications with marketing automation.

Lokket Wi-Fi comes with a powerful push notification capability. This allows you to automatically push individualised content to Wi-Fi users via multiple channels based on pre-set criteria, such as demographic and CRM data.


The Wi-Fi Store.
Integrated leading platforms.

Wi-Fi is longer just about Social Login and capturing email addresses. Let Lokket show you how to gain real value from your existing Wi-Fi or by using ours and put Wi-Fi to some serious work.

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Wi-Fi video & image promotion features.

Enable video or image advertising promotions before access to Wi-Fi is granted. Define multiple options, rotation level and even time based options to present the right message at the right time.

Use our specially crafted Wireless Access Points, or bring your own from almost any hardware vendor.


View powerful insights & reporting via your own dashboard.


Family safe, secure and meets regulatory standards.

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We've done all the work so you access all the benefit.

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