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Whitelabel App & App Manager.

Your own fully branded consumer engagement app.

Our Whitelabel App provides a quick and easy way to enable consumers to browse, store and use promotions, loyalty schemes and gift vouchers. It also provides simple and effective communication with consumers by sending targeted, relevant push notifications and delivering rewards and promotions to them in real-time.

Your App is configureable through the App Manager dashboard and includes a number of standard services such as, home page, store locator, my rewards, push notification , contact page and much more. Your App is available in both iOS and Android and if you already have an App then simply add use our easy to use SDK.

There are multiple features and benefits throughout our Whitelabel App.

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Create, Validate and Redeem unique codes

Stamp Card

Create a digital based stamp card

Trail Based

Create your own trail based loyalty card


Locate your closest outlet with store locator.


Target specific users with push notifications.


Link your home screen tiles to your social links.


What are the key benefits of the white label app?

Targeted relevant communication with end consumers. Easy access to promotions and schemes via the app encourages new customer acquisition and existing customer footfall. Use location and transaction history to drive relevant communication in real time to the individual, increasing conversion.

Build loyalty and value by communicating with the consumer on a one to one basis and use rulesets to personalise location based triggers and increase conversion Real-time insight gained from existing campaigns can be used to adapt future campaign strategy leading to increased success.

Promotion and offer management.

Promote is a product which brands and retailers can use to create, build and manage their digital messages, across multi-channels and in real time.

Promote enables the creation of digital messages with the ability to define complex business rules, generate unique single use codes in unlimited different formats, which are then validated and redeemed securely in real-time at the Point of Sale (POS).

It provides the secure, real-time visibility and through the platform, data can be delivered in real-time to external systems, such as CRM, to enable the detailed analysis of consumer behaviour and ultimately drive further consumer activity.

  • PoS Basket Analysis and Validation
  • Full business rules engine enabling campaign structuring
  • Push notifications
  • Integrate with Social Media & Wi-Fi
  • Send via SMS, Email, Web or in App
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    Example Apps

    The Whitelabel App is already in circulation. Here are just some of our clients that use the Whitelabel App in various sectors, including hospitality and leisure. You will notice that we have three different home screens available, these include stacked, tiled and 1-2-1.

    Green Card App

    Try here.

    Earn rewards on food and drink during major sporting fixtures on TV.Available at selected UK Pubs & Venues.

    One Stop

    Try here.

    One Stop is a retail convenience business with over 700 shops. Our key focus is being the best in neighbourhood it's customers.

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    Powerful Eagle Eye Campaign Manager.

    Access powerful consumer engagement with real time, secure redemption.

    Location based marketing.

    You can also use the Mobile Application in conjunction with location based triggers to engage with your consumers instore. Using Bluetooth beacons, merchants are able to send personalised messages to app users when they are in the vicinity of a beacon. The message sent can be based on a defined ruleset and frequency restriction leading to increased personalisation and uptake.


    Easy setup and maintenance.

    Whitelabel App & App Manager provide a quick and low cost time-to-live for new applications. Powerful App Manager allows for new promotional campaigns and loyalty schemes to be created quickly and accessed immediately by app users. Access the ability to adjust workflow to improve marketing success during campaign. Even use the White Label App to eliminate scheme fraud through real time validation of stamp and reward events

    View powerful insights & reporting via your own dashboard.


    Integrate with existing payments channels and PoS.